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Green Bay Main Office

601 Willard Drive
Green Bay, WI 54304
Phone (920) 499-2831
Toll Free (877) 373-4023
Fax (920) 499-7548

Marinette Branch Office

1740 Stephenson Street
Marinette, WI 54143
(715) 732-4051
Fax (715) 732-4551

Payroll Deduction / Direct Deposit

Payroll deduction is nothing more than having all or part of your paycheck deposited directly into your account(s). You decide the amount to be deposited, and to which account the check is to be deposited. Payroll deduction can be directed to any type of account including; loans, savings, checking, IRAs and Christmas Club.

Payroll deduction/direct deposit information is confidential between you and the credit union. Your employer knows the amount to send, but not to which accounts the money is deposited to. PCMCU places no limits on the amount of times you can change your deduction. Your payroll is posted to your account the same day the credit union receives it from your employer.

Many credit union members have found payroll deduction the most convenient and time-proven method of saving money.

Direct Deposit of payroll (net check), social security and other government checks is also available; saving you time, stamps, and special trips. Automatic monthly withdrawals through ACH for insurance premiums, loan payments, and health club dues, utility bills, etc. are available.

Please contact us if you are interested in setting up payroll deduction of your paycheck. We're happy to be able to simplify your payday!