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Funeral Expense Trust

There are many pieces to a well-built financial plan such as savings, insurance, and investments.

Have you ever thought about your
end-of-life expenses?

Today, more people are pre-funding their final expenses to avoid a financial burden to their survivors.

Protecting your assets at any age is important, but never more than
when you are confined to a nursing home or need to apply for Medical Assistance (Medicaid). By transferring ownership of your policy to the NGL (National Guardian Life) Funeral Expense Trust, as of the effective date of the transfer, you may be able to exclude your policy as an asset for Medicaid eligibility purposes.* In addition, you can be assured that the funds in the policy will be used to first pay your funeral expenses, with any excess returned to your estate.

The NGL Funeral Expense Trust

• Allows policies up to $15,000
• Earns 2.25% Tax FREE!
• 2.25% is attributed to the whole life insurance policy that is assigned to the trust. This rate applies to the death benefit on the policy as well. If you elect to choose one of the multi-pay options of the product, the growth rate must be 1.75%.

By irrevocably assigning your policy and permanently transferring all ownership rights to the NGL Funeral Expense Trust, you’ll receive the following benefits:

• Policy proceeds are paid to the Trust, with then pays funeral costs. Any excess will be paid to the estate of the insured.
• Funds used for funeral expenses are protected from creditors, such as nursing homes, hospitals, lawyers, etc.
• Death proceeds used for funeral expenses will avoid probate costs and delays.
• The policy may be considered an excluded asset in order to qualify for Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).*
• Income tax free benefits**

Individual state regulations and program names may vary. PCMCU and NGL recommend that you consult a Legal Advisor for complete details on irrevocable assignments, Medicaid eligibility and using a trust to protect your assets, including a life insurance policy.

*If you are assigning ownership to the NGL trust and apply for public assistance, you may be required to provide a list of services and merchandise you have selected from the funeral home of your choice. **IRC Code Sec. 101(a) Some states may vary on Medicaid rules and eligibility is not guaranteed; please consult an Elder Law Attorney in your state for assistance. Insurance coverage provided by National Guardian Life Insurance Company. National Guardian Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a/k/a The Guardian or Guardian Life.
NGLFE 5/16